Sunday, December 19, 2004

My Life as a Valet: Part II


So today was many things when it came to work. It was frustrating, stressful, even panicky.

The first hour seemed to go well, but then all of a sudden we were double parking cars all over and making new spaces I think we hold 600 cars and we had almost 650 or 700 to park tonight. Anyway, in the midst of it all I had a small accident. This was stressful enough without having a guy who is not my boss start yelling at me for which way to turn the steering wheel etc... I bumped a bumper to a bumper and then he freaked out. in the midst of turnin gin the direction he wanted me to go, I ended up scraping the passenger side door on a concrete pillar. It was at this point that I came even closer to panic mode than the other day. The next two r three hours continued to be stressful as I was trying to shake off the incident and then get back to normal. When the flow started going from incoming cars to cars being picked up to leave, I was able to get back on top of things and did well. In the end we made 43 bucks in tips a piece, but there were like 30 guys working so I guess that comes out to like 1,290 in tips for the dept. not too bad I guess.

My only other weird moment of the night was areminder of how cocky some people can be. I was being waved forward by my boss and began to pull forward when a couple who was completely oblivious walked in front of me. I of course hit the brakes. I was embarassed, but also knew that it was mostly his fault. Well this guy who was in his late 30's or early 40's gave me this death stare that was apparently supposed to intimidate me as he walked across and then made some comment on me being carless. I am not taking it to heart, and in reality most of the wealthy patrons are pretty nice. But man....I pray that I don't treat people like he treated me.

So continued prayer is of course always good. I would love to work inside as a bellman actually same stuff just w/out the cars which means less stress, but it seems to have very few turnovers so it prolly would be a while before I could do that.

so now it is 2am and I probably will not go to church tomorrow because I need to get some sleep...but I did actually have a lot of prayer time as I was working and have felt God close with me during all of this, so I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that I at least have an income. Someday I will be able to devote my career to him as well, but right now I know I must do what I can to make the money to pay the bills I have. He has blessed me and is so amazing in his faithfulness!


Seth said...

Hello Richie!

Re: the gentleman you almost ran over and hurt excessively (which might have done him some good).

I get people like all the time where I work. People are people... they have their issues, and usually they don't have the self control to take care of themselves.

They assume that, since I'm the rental guy, I must be a bum who cleans up nice yet doesn't have a college education or anything like that.

When I rent to them, and when they don't take damage waiver, I kind of hope they damage the car so I can smack their asses with their credit card as I collect their $500 deductible.

I won't really, and I still love them. But the thought crosses my mind, and rightfully so I think.

Bonhoeffer once almost decked a racist. He said he felt that while he was right in not doing so, he would have been if he HAD done it.

I think he's right, when he says that.

rheimbro said...

Yeah, thats such a hard thing to turn the other cheek, but it can be done. A side note is that things went much better on sunday and my friend let me know he has never seen it as bad as saturday was, so if I survived that, I shoul dbe ok :)