Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Two fun bands

For those who have heard of Davinci's Notebook, two of the guys from that are performing on their own now as "Paul and Storm" check them out at http://www.paulandstorm.com

also I came a cross a band called "Eddie From Ohio" they are not from ohio, but have a great folksy type sound. you can hear them at http://www.efohio.com

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Timely Songs

One of the ways God seems to speak to my generation in particular is through movies and music. I know that i at least feel that at times. One of my favorite things is when I have had a shitty day or week and then i run into a song that just reminds me of gods presence in my life.

Today I was at work and was already kind of grumpy cause i didnt sleep very well last night. On top of that I am just growing weary, I went straight from working six days a week into working five days as well as four nights of class and the course load that goes with them. I am up for it, but i know that my energy is going to be waning this quarter and possibly the next quarter too if. Anyway, this guy I work with decided to make some comments about how i "barely fit the dress code" because i was in sandals, shorts and a t-shirt. Granted, my boss has no problems with that and nor do i, but his comments struck me as pretty rude and lef tme sour for the rest of my day.

Anyhow, abrooding over it for the whole day I decided to head to tower records to pick up a couple cds. First I was looking for Franz Ferdinand because somehow I had yet to pick up a copy, and secondly I have heard some good things about Paul McCartney's new album : Chaos and Creation in the Backyard.

It is a really great album, but one song Follow Me (see below) really just filled me with joy. I have no idea what exactly Mr. McCartney thinks about God and Jesus, but this song seems to seap with Christian imagery to me. Funny thing is, if this were a "Christian Band" I would not probably like it very much. I am not a big fan of the christian music sphere, and although there is good stuff out there, I tend to avoid it because of the junk. Anyway, if I come across something in a mainstream artist I am much more receptive. Mainly because mainstream artists tend to write songs about all kinds of things and not all of them have to have a christian angle. But, I digress... the point is, this song brought God into focus for me. Yeah I am still tired, yeah the guy hurt my ego/feelings, but I am still following after Jesus, I am still being born into the Kingdom of God, and I am still growing and being sharpened for his purposes.

With that, here are the Lyrics:

You lift up my spirits, you shine on my soul
Whenever I'm empty, you make me feel whole
I can rely on you, to guide me through, any situation
You hold up a sign that reads, follow me.

You give me direction, you show me the way
You give me a reason, to face every day
I can depend on you, to send me to, any destination
You hold up a sign that reads, follow me, follow me.

Down the track of lonelines, down the path of love
Through the words of heartache, to the end
On the shores of sorrow, where the waves of hope crash in
The perfect place for me to find a friend. ahh yeah yeah yeah, oh

You lead to places, that I've never been
Uncovering secrets, that I've never seen
I can rely on you, to guide me through, any situation
You hold up a sign that reads, follow me, follow me,
Follow me, follow me,
Follow me, follow me

-Paul McCartney