Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Good Vibrations

Well, how about an update? I Haven't had one of those in a while have I! This will probably be long, so bear with me. Skim if you want, hell skip it all if you want haha..

Well, for starters let me just say that I spent 10 hours today working on a greek grammar for one of my classes. I have about 25 pages done and still have more to do. But, it has been a pretty cool process despite the mind-numbingness that happpened at times. It has taught me two things: First, I know a lot more about how greek works than I thought I did. Second, I have a ton more to learn if I really want to master this language. Everytime I review everything a little piece of information takes hold in my brain and stays there, I just need to keep reviewing...

Aside from that I have a 10 page exegetical paper due on the ninth that I have abot 20% of my research to do, and then I need to write the dang thing, but I am not too worried about that one. I also have a 15 page paper on a grammatical issue in Greek. Don't know what the heck that last sentence means? Don't worry, I am pretty clueless on that one too, I have no idea what to do my paper on...

Thanksgiving was good this year. We ate outside at my friend Jon's house. Everyone brought some fun dishes and we went to town! I made my first attempt at making a Rum Cake, and it came out pretty good. I guess a cup of rum will make anything good though...

I will so happy when this quarter is over. I have enjoyed my classes, but working full time and taking four nights work of evening classes is not the best idea. Next quarter I will will drop a day of work and take my classes during the day. Hopefully this will work out better. I am sick of being exhausted all the time...and it will be nice to have the energy to go to church again (sundays have been my only day to grab any real sleep lately..)

It will still be busy the week after finals. I had to trade some people days to get my finals week free to do papers, so i have like 8 days straight or something like that. No worries though, because on dec. 21 i fly home!

I will be home the 21st-29th. For you NR people I will be around mostly before xmas, and for you columbus people, I am going to probably get a bus ticket to ride up the 26th, (anyone have a place I can stay?) and then I am going to ride the bus back on the 28th. I would love to hang with chapel choir folks and church folks if i can...we will see!

I am full of happiness right now, I think that this trip home to see family and friends has been the thing that has kept me going so strong this quarter.... I love you all and can't wait to see you!

ok thats all i can think to blog for now.....

Sunday, November 06, 2005 - Site of ancient church unveiled - Nov 6, 2005

This is pretty cool. This may be the oldest church ever found if they can verify the time they say it existed. Read and enjoy :)

Click here to read!