Friday, December 03, 2004


So tonight I had my final class in New Testament 1: The Gospels with Dr. Hagner. I honestly don't think I have ever enjoyed a class as much as I have this one. Dr. Hagner is one of those professors who are so passionate about what they do, that it really begins to rub off. I have learned many things this quarter, but I will just share one of them from tonight that I thought to be interesting.

Dr. Hagner was discussing The Gospel According to John, and he noted that while the Synoptics place a high emphasis on the Resurrection, a closer reading of John will reveal that for him the Glory and Exultation of the Christ comes on the cross at the Crucifixion itself. Some texts that point to this are John 3:14, 8:28, and 12:32-34 The word for "lifted" in the greek is hupsoo (hoop-sah-oh) On the one hand it means "to lift up on a pole" (i.e. the crucifixion) and it has a second meaning that is "to lift up in exaltation." John has a few of these double meanings, but this to me is the most striking.

Anyway, one of the points Dr. Hagner made was that a common view of protestants is that "My Jesus doesn't hang on a cross anymore so he shouldn't be depicted that way" While it is true that he doesn't hang on that cross anymore, a Crucifix is a valid portrayal for the glory of Christ. He then went on about radical Iconoclasts that knocked off the heads of statues in some churches in England and how even Luther would have been appalled. But he is funny like that lol.

That’s my theological insight for the day lol.