Saturday, December 18, 2004

My Life as a Valet: Part I

So, I made it through orientation and started my two on the job training days on thursday. Basically all that means is I do the same work as everyone else but don't recieve tips - but whatever...

After my first three hours I was ready to look for another job. It wasn't that I had a problem with how hard the work was, or something like the guys who work there were really mean or rude(which they aren't), it was just a lot more stressful for me than I had anticipated. My anxiety was going up through the roof. It was the closest I have come to a panic attack in months. The width of the parking spots are literally just wide enough for cars to fit into, an inch smaller and there would be no room I think. Combine this with your second car to park being an Excursion and that equals high anxiety for Richie.

Fortunately things have gotten better and I am willing to wait it out and see how things go. I am still unable to drive stick and that sucks, because sometimes I go to pick up a car and find that it is a stick. That is not too often though.

My only other concern right now is whether I will have to work nights come classtime in January. Right now I am ok working anytime since I am off school, but when school starts again I need to be working days to keep my sleep under control and stay on top of my workload. Class is priority. Originally when I was hired, I was hired for the day shift, but the guy who hired me was fired and the guy in charge now may or may not honor that request... So any prayers you all have to offer up for me would be appreciated. :)

I am still very blessed to have the job and thank God that I have some income finally.

In other news, I have been praying a lot about things with Katie and am really excited about how they have been going. I feel like God has brought me to a healthy place in my relationship with him that will allow me to keep up a healthy relationship with her. After my year of Hell I have come to know that dependance on him for my well-being and needs is a necessity in all things. Anyway, the other thing is that we both have our own commitments so I think that we will be forced to refrain from spending huge amounts of time together which could cause problems. Space is a good thing! Once again though, I would appreciate any prayers for God's control and guidance.



katters said...

i'm praying for you... and us.