Thursday, December 16, 2004

My Grandparents rock

So, my grandparents on my mom's side are pretty amazing folks. They have always been there even when my mom hasn't. Yesterday they sent me some money to help out with bills, and in the letter my Grandma snt with it she wrote "We're very proud of the man you have become." That one sentence has given me so much joy. I know I have a lot to learn and will always be growing, But to have them say that about me really touches me. In conversations about my move west to go to Seminary, they have been so supportive and have also let me know they could tell by how I was talking about it that this really seemed to be what my heart desired and that it was the course they thought was best for me as well. I have been blessed by them in so many ways before, money, advice, shelter etc... but the best blessing of them all has been their support recently. Thank you Jesus for Pam and Bob Zorens.