Friday, November 26, 2004

Turkeyday Fallout

Sigh, I do miss my friends and family from home.

It was very surreal yesterday. I was actually able to go to two places for dinner. The first was the home of a lady in one of my small groups. It was fun and I had a good time but I didnt knw most of the people. Then I went over to the place of a guy who has become one of my better friends out here. A lot of our building was able to go and I really felt pretty happy while I was there. God can do amazing things when you need the love of friends. So that was all good :)

I am not sure what it was like in Ohio, but the shopping madness was insane out here. My friend Jon saw that Best buy had a $500.00 laptop deal but it was only good when they opened at 6 am. So he figured he would get up around3-4 with my friend Brad and go down there. Well at 11 pm we were watching the news and saw there were already lines forming at the Burbank store. So we decided to run down to the Pasadena store and check it out. There were people who got in line at 6PM on THANKSGIVING! Jon ended up staying the night as well, and luckily was able to get the laptop... I can see waiting for about 5-6 hours. It is pushing it for me, but it really isn't so long. But 12 hours? They had to skip out on their families to be there that early. That is sad.



Anonymous said...

Hey Richie,

Congrats on being out in Cali and going to school. I think that is awesome! I moved back to Cinci a few months ago b/c I got a job and I thought I might be able to see you, but you are no longer here... so, I thought I would sign your blog, see how you're doing, and say HELLO! I hope to hear from you soon!


AIM name: casela7
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amyh521 said...

Richie ...

thanks for sending the link ... it will be good to keep up with you. hope that things are going good for you, sounds like you are enjoying yourself out there in Sunny California. talk to you soon

Amy Hockenheimer