Monday, November 22, 2004

Makin' It Through

Well it’s been a pretty good week.

I am down to the last three weeks of the quarter. I was starting to get overwhelmed with work since I pretty much did nothing but play Halo 2 for a week, but I sat down this weekend and made up some of my handy dandy lists and calendars of what is left and when its due. It made me feel a whole lot better!

A quick rundown of what’s left:

**2 more chapters of Greek and the corresponding quizzes and workbook assignments as well as the Final.

**An 8 page write-up on my experiences in a small group for my small groups class.

**An 8 page report on some topic as yet to be determined for my Gospels Class, and a final.

**A journal of theological reflections after a fresh reading of each Gospel.

**Another journal on another small group, as well as a church auto-biography.

So it is not too bad. I can do it!

I have come to a few realizations this week.

This will be the first Thanksgiving (Christmas too most likely) I will be spending away from home. That is just hitting me. I am not too depressed, but it will be weird. I do have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving so I am not all alone; don’t be worrying about that :)

I am still very excited about tomorrow! I have listened to U2’s new album a bunch, but having a hard copy will be so nice :).

I got the job as a valet for the Ritz-Carlton here in Pasadena.


I cannot start until I go through the hotel’s orientation. There was supposed to be orientation today, but the guy in charge of that was fired. There is not another one scheduled until January, but the Valet guy is trying to get them to do one sooner so that I can work. I am running low on funds so I am in need of that job ASAP. Blah Money Blah

That’s about it for now