Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Excuse the Drool...

Seth since you are about the only person who is probably reading this blog so far....this is for you.

After spending 2 hours waiting in line, my friends Jon and Brad and I obtained a copy of Halo 2.

I can't say too much without ruining some surprises.
But- It is amazing! SO hardcore. It is 3 am so we had to shut her down for the night, but what we saw in the last level we were on was jawdroppingly sweeter than the plot twist of the Flood in the first one.

I am a video game geek

I am in awe of this work of art.

I am going to bed.


Seth said...

I hate you, yet love you all at the same time.

Enjoy the game friend, Sandra won't let me get an XBox... probably because I would stay up till 3am playing it like you!!!

Sigh, how I miss that. :)