Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years Blog

So it is now 2:17 am in Pasadena and I just got home from work a little while ago.

It was probably the most interesting/frustrating/weird new years I have ever had.

As I was watching CNN on my break at 8:30pm, I realized that the Ball drops at NINE FREAKING PM in California. That was not something I had even thought about before. They watch a REPLAY of the ball dropping at midnight. So that was my eastern standard time moment of the day.

As for the rest of my night....ugh

I was sent to take a Man, woman and their daughter to a restaurant. Taking them there was not a problem. Unfortunately the restaurant was located at the heart of the rose parade route down Colorado Blvd. So, when I went back two hours later to pick them up, I was suddenly being rerouted in a direction opposite of where the restaurant was. forty minutes of traffic later, I am able to get to the restaurant and thankfully they were running even later than I was and I had to wait on them. The parents were both a little inebriated, and the woman spent the car ride down Colorado Blvd. talking about how the people who were camping out on the sidewalk reminded her of homelesspeople and how it made her ill....yeah that was anoying. The man was also tipsy, but mre fun. He was talking to the people on the street and having a good time.

After we had a discussion on the origin of my name, the man turned to me and said "Richie, do you have to be any where in the next ten minutes?" I said not really and he then had me drive past the Hotel and towards this neighborhood where there some amazing christmas lights still up. The entire street was lined with huge trees that were all lit up. It really was a great display. when the guy ended up tipping me 30 bucks for the night, but that all goes into a pool and is split between all of us. He did give my bosses great remarks about me though. That was cool.

The actual count-down was non-existant for me and so I don't have anything to say about that lol.

I am now exhausted and will probably not get up to even watch the parade on tv since it is on at 8 am. I need my sleep so I can go back tomorrow night.

God Bless you, my friends


I have now officially watched the ball 3 am pst thats 6 am for you folks out east.....

oh yeah, and I have been told I haven't mentioned how great my aunt kim is enough in my postings, so let me just say that she is awesome and I love her :)


taliendo said...

Happy New Years, Richie.

Hope your year is filled with joy and peace.


Anonymous said...

Hey we missed you at new years man, we had it at johns basement again, pretty much exactly like it happened last year, minus me getting sick from junk food. Here is to good times and a good new year.