Monday, January 10, 2005


Today in my Early Church History class our professor gave us a really awesome definition of what it meant for the Church to be Catholic in its beginnings. First he asked if we knew what it meant and the general response was that it meant "Universal." He told us how that definition was actually pretty weak.

A better definition was this:

"The whole of the Church is present in each place, and each church is present in the whole."

How cool is that?

God has really been prodding my heart in thinking about how the Church could be more representative of a single body rather than the many body parts we really act like. It breaks my heart that we even have to say things like "Oh I'm not protestant, I'm Christian" as if it is some superiority thing. We are Christians, that is what unites us. There are so many petty arguments we make to seperate ourselves from each other. Blah. It is my prayer that we would once again be known by the remark of Tertullian when refrerring to the Early Church: "See how they Love one another!"


katters said...

you have a beautiful, loving heart and i am greatful that you share it with me.