Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plateaus Suck

So I have officially entered into my first plateau since I started losing weight. As you can see from the chart below (click on it to enlarge), nearly the last three weeks have been stuck in the same 5 pound range just going up and down (there was also a time in April where I didn't lose much, but that was because I was sick). it doesn't seem to matter how little I eat or how much I exercise, it is stuck in some cycle. I knew that I would hit one at some point, but it makes it no less frustrating.

I am trying to push through it, and am meeting with one of the people at the Y this weekend to run through the weight machines. I usually am ok on machines, but I never know where to start so I have been putting it off. Hopefully that will be the kind of change my body needs to work out of this rut.

My diet has been completely vegetarian for about 6-7 weeks now, and I stay away from almost all junk food, with the occasional indulgence. I have read that another thing which could help is actually eating a couple hundred more calories a day for a while. There are honestly too many "solutions" out there to make much sense of them, as they all have conflicting advice.

Perhaps I just need to be patient and all of a sudden it will start trending back down again. I am still pretty happy with the loss that has happened so far. Losing 25-30 lbs is nothing to scoff at. Yet I am now only back to what was for a long time my normal weight range. I am probably more frustrated because it seems like breaking out of the 240s has always been a struggle and I am afraid I am going to stay here again.

Anyway, I will keep plugging away. I know that I have made the right changes to my diet and lifestyle that should have long-term results, but in the midst of it I still struggle with the nitty gritty.