Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Yes, Virginia, there is a stress fairy.....and its visiting Richie this week

So, I am frustrated. I am down to my last 7-8 days of schoolwork before a week and a half of exciting things.

I am ready for March 15th to be over. I am also feeling the stress of final exams. I only have two exams, but both seem to be a lot harder than the midterms were. My Early Church History class is overwelming me like crazy. I have been going through my class reader and making note cards on the far I have made it through 80 pages and I have about 70 left.....and that is just making the flash cards...I still have to learn them all as well as prepare about 20 different essay questions of which I will only end up having to answer two.....ahh such a good use of time....

Ok so I am bitter right now, I am sorry.

In other news I had an interview today for a job at the campus coffee shop. I wanted to interview for the bookstore, but they rearranged their current staff so maybe if I get this job I can move over to the bookstore in the future....I am supposed to find out tomorrow for sure.

I am looking forward to spring break a lot though. First the Christine Dunson is visiting on the evening of my last exam. Then, next Friday I get to go to San Diego for the first time as we go to a wedding of one of Katies friends. Then Thomas Settle is coming into town and we are going to go to Disney land with him and Andrea... And finally, if that wasn't enough, Katie and I are going to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway on our way to Sacramento to visit her parents for a few days. I have never done that either. So it will be a busy time, but lots of fun.

And one prayer request is that my current roommate found a cheaper place to live, so I am looking for a roommate. to move in soon after he moves out (which is over spring break). Please pray that the lord would provide someone in a timely fashion. I have until May before my rent goes up to the full price. Although perhaps if I get this job it will bring in enough cash that I would be able to cover the cost of the place on my own...who knows....

alright its late, i need sleep and calm... stress go away.