Saturday, April 02, 2005

After a long online absence, I am back....

Hey all....It has been almost a month since I last posted.... So if yo uhave been anxiously awaiting the next post... Here it is!

It has been about the busiest month I have ever had! My finals week ended quite well and I have my grade for two of my classes...I got an A in Greek and an A- in my class on the Kingdom Of God theology.

Then the fun started! First I got my very first ohio visitor in the person of Christine Dunson. She came and had dinner with Katie and I and it was so much fun! I was really blessed by her visit, and it was nice to have one of my friends from home actually get to meet Katie, and give such a great approval! Christine Says she doesn't read this much ..or ever, but if she does I want her to know how happy her visit made me!

My second visitor from ohio also showed up and I got to go Hiking in Malibu with Thomas Settle. It was a beautiful day and we made it to the top of the mountain/hill/elevated land etc... it was amazing.

Next my grand tour of California began.

Katie had a friend who was getting married in San Diego, so we went down for two days. The wedding was alright, but San Diego was really fun in itself. Our introduction to the city was on the Coronado bridge, the highest bridge in town. As we crossed it, the traffic stopped and all of a sudden a couple of cops ran by, one of them carrying a shot gun. There was a "Jumper" luckily he did not jump , but it was definitely a weird experience. Other highlights of that weekend included going to Point Loma where you can get a great view of the ocean as well as the city.

The next week I started My job at Archives Bookstore, stocking shelves and what not. It is a great theological bookstore with a laid back attitude and the sounds of U2 in the background, so I am quite happy there.

Wed. of Spring break, Katie and I got to go to Disneyland with Thomas and Andrea where we got to do a lot of things including my favorite: the Pirates of the Caribbean. The worst ride of the day was "Storybook Canal ride" it was too awful to describe. But we had fun :)

Over easter weekend we drove up the pacific coast highway through malibu, Big Sur, Monterey, Pebble Beach, and more on our way towards Sacramento to stay with Katies folks for the weekend. Once was just a great trip. The weather was sunny and gorgeous and there has been so much rain lately that all of the greenery was actually green!

In Sacramento her family took me ona tour of the city including the state capital building. Unfortunately I did not get to see Arnold, but I will make it my mission to find hm someday!

Then we retuned home for a few days of normal life until today when we went to the U2 concert in Anaheim. Wow. I am blown away. I have heard all these great things about what it is like to finally experience U2 live and it was well worth the wait. We had great seats, and the stage was so beautiful. They really had so much color in the displays, I was thrilled. In steadof an LED screen behind them like on the pop tour, they have these fun bead looking drapes of LEDs. They lower them down and they end up becoming large tv-type screens...I know sounds weird, but it looks cool. One thing that I didn't know about was that in the middle of the concert they tell you to text message a number for info on the One Campaign. At the end of the concert, during '40', they posted a lot of the names of the people who texted. I got to see my name! it took a second to realize that it was my name, but it was a nice little perk at the end of the night!

Anyway, this has been a long post and i will be posting some pictures of most of what I just described soon...

God Bless you all my friends...