Thursday, February 05, 2009

Some quick thoughts/questions on last night's LOST [Spoilers]


We all knew Jin was alive, but it still makes me mad that we are supposed to believe he survived that large of an explosion with only a sunburn.

This season really feels like one would expect a final season to be building up. I hope this means that the final season really goes in some crazy directions.

I quite enjoyed the Kate/Claire/Sawyer scene, and seeing the hatch-light. Although- I am surprised that Locke was so ambivalent towards the hatch-light if he still feels like he is being moved along in some greater purpose.


Is Miles the baby from the beginning of the season premier?

Will they time-hop to the time of the foot statue?

Why hasn't Faraday mentioned anything about constants to the nose-bleeders- is it just too-late for them to have one?

Could this time-hopping have any relation to how some (Christian Shepherd, Claire, Eko's brother) have appeared seemingly after their death?

How far ahead of everybody is Ben? Is he truly humbled by the crazy lady with the chalkboards or is he playing her as well?


Laura said...

Hold on, what baby in the season premier... how did I miss a baby? Was I eating pizza?

rheimbro said...

The one that appears to belong to this guy-

Laura said...

Oh man! I totally forgot that intro! I bet you're right!