Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Greg Boyd on Abortion

Greg Boyd on Abortion

Greg Boyd truly has become one of the most influential preacher on me lately- here is his take on the issue of abortion, which steers away from the divisive political debate, recognizing that Pro-Life people can differ on how to politically address the issue, even voting "pro-choice"- and towards the kingdom questions of how do we care for those women and families who face the abortion question. Are we willing to sacrifice for them? are we willing to bleed for them?

I personally fall on the side of things which says if we truly want to reduce abortions, we must address poverty issues, as well as fund contraception education and distribution. I also feel that the evidence shows that in places where the abortion laws are stricter and abstinence only policies are adopted, the safety of the women involved is dramatically disproportionate to countries where abortion is legal. (This article also notes some objections to the findings, but I feel the findings are probably closer to the truth than not.)

I have to admit here that as strong of a supporter of Sen. Obama as I am, I don't agree with him on everything, and I am not untroubled by some of his past votes concerning abortion. However, I do refuse to make that the only issue I contemplate when voting for a candidate. There are too many issues that are too complex to ever vote on a single issue.

And finally, I recognize the right of others to come to differing conclusions on this issue. I do pray though, that on the Christian end of the spectrum, we would turn from placing our trust in the laws we get passed, to living out the kingdom in the way we care for the women and families who face these decisions. To put it another way- Jesus did not die more for either the mother or the child, but for both. He calls us away from the temptation to judge, and into the service of love, embracing them both as our neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Glad to find another fan of Gregg Boyd. After listening to his sermons on the topics of Abortion and Politics, I finally felt that someone had managed to so eloquently give voice to the way I felt about these issues, but could never find words to do so.

God bless you!