Friday, August 26, 2005

A happier blog :)

After the more depressing issue of missing friends and family ...

I had one of my first real "oh yeah , i live in LA" moments last weekend.

We went to go see the 40-year old virgin last weekend and there is a scene that takes place in a bookstore. That scene was actually shot in a bookstore in pasadena that i love called Vroman's. Other than the normal touristy type movie scenes, i dont think i have ever recognized a place in a movie as somewhere ive been.

So thats a happy moment, that no one else probably thinks is very exciting....but it makes me smile :-p


Anonymous said...

Hey babe! Sorry you are feeling so homesick. I think I would be if I hadn't been home in a year as well. It has to be tough to not be a short drive away from some of the most important people in your life. I'm not so sure I could do it. I do hope that your plans work out and you are able to get to Ohio/Kentucky and see everyone you long to see. I hope you have time for a quick hello when you are in Cinci and I will pray that everything works out better this time around. Love ya babe! Casey