Friday, August 26, 2005

absence makes the heart grow fonder

I am about 9 days away from being away from home for a year. That is a weird thing to think about...

My grandparents were here over the weekend. It was one of the best weekends i have had out here in california. Of all of my family, i have seen the least of them in the last 5 years because when i went away to college, they moved to florida. So, its been about one or two visits a year with them. Regardless, it was so much fun to spend time with them. On sunday we drove up into the san gabriel mountains and saw some great "rugged" terrain as my grandpa pointed out. It was the closest i have felt to home in a long time.

I think we can officially say I am in a state of homesickness. I have mentioned several times on here how great it is to talk to friends online or various phonecalls, but I think it has been hitting me especially hard lately. I was really pumped to be coming home in july, and when that didnt happen, it was one of the toughest decisions ive made in a long time. Leading up to the trip, the problem was how was i going to afford it, let alone afford not working those days. All i knew was that i needed to be home to see family, and then when i spent 8 hours sitting in an airport watching my name get bumped from 3 standby lists for flights...I slowly began to realize that it didnt matter how hard i fought to get home that week, it wasn't going to happen.

SO, now the plan is to use that standby flight sometime this fall, and buy a real ticket for christmas time. That said, I have to also figure out how i am suposed to see everyone i want to see when i go home. My family is all in the cincinnati area, as are some of my closest friends from hs. Then in columbus are people just as important. I want to see them al in one trip, but i know that is doubtful. Anyway, im just rambling. The point is that while california is slowly creeping into my definition of what I call home, Ohio is still the home to al of my closest friends.

I miss you all, and if i had to offer up a prayer request right now, it would be that all of the things that need to happen financially before the fall quarter starts - would hapen, and that means I will be able to make the flight reservations I need to make and see the people i long to see.