Thursday, February 17, 2005

This week has been pretty good.

Sunday Katie and I celebrated Valentines Day early.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and drove up the Angel Crest Freeway into the mountains. Within an hour and a half we went from sunny Pasadena to the top of the foothill which was covered in large amounts of snow. It was my first snow of the year. I haven't seen it since last spring in Cincy. (I know that those of you in Ohio/Kentucky are rolling your eyes at this comment, but I have missed it - to an extent.) It was amazing though. The views were spectacular. It was a trip I will always cherish in my heart.

Later that evening I was finally able to work on my gift to her. I made her a book that tld the story of the decisions and events of my life that led me to Fuller, and eventually to her. I could only write the story up until we met though. After that I had her help me finish. It is complete with some very poor drawings of mine, including, probably the only image of a Gorilla pooping from a branch, that has ever been given as a valentines gift. (On our second date we witnessed that scene @ the LA Zoo.)

As for Katie, she gave me a very beautiful poem, as well as some other writings that brought tears to my eyes...

This week has been also very good in the world of classes. I got A's on my Early Church History test, as well as my first paper for my Gospel of the Kingdom class. I was stressin' over the early church history test, so I was pretty happy with things.

The best news was that I did my taxes and will be getting back 1200.00 ish this year. I actually worked all of last year so I made some money...New things for me lol. My money situation is still rough, but getting better. I have a strong prospect of a job at the Bookstore here on Campus.

Peace Out


Thomas said...

Glad you had an amazing Valentine's day. I think doing what you did is what it is all about rather than cheesy dinners or jewelry. I think gifts should always be made and from the heart like that. Maybe someday I will actually get to spend one of those days with the woman I love.... Keep it real my man.