Monday, January 04, 2010

Bye Bye Facebook!

I have decided to delete my facebook account. It is something I have been repeatedly contemplating in the last six months but I have not ever gotten up the nerve to follow through and actually do it. There are a few reasons I have made this decision. I am not entirely pleased with the shifts facebook keeps making regarding privacy, however that is not enough on its own to make me want to bolt. Over the last few years it has simply sucked out too much time from my days to be beneficial anymore. I don’t know that it will necessarily keep me off of the computer any more than I am not, but it may at least be step in that direction.

The final impetus for making this decision has been coming across this site: While it is currently blocked from accessing facebook, and would be a much more interesting way of doing it, it won’t be so hard to go through the steps myself. At this point in time I have not decided to let go of twitter, as I find it useful for reasons outside of simply social networking; but even that may come up on the chopping block one day.

So, I have decided that this Friday will be the day I make the final delete. If you need any of my contact information, the time to write it down is now J

Here are some ways you can still reach me:

Phone: 513-201-7424 or 513-550-9992

Email: (also works for pretty much anything Google related)


And if you are interested at all in any of the articles I ever post on here, then you can keep up with me on twitter or google reader.


Google reader:



C. Wess Daniels said...

good for you. I've been discerning similar moves.

rheimbro said...


I finally did it tonight, and it was kind of cathartic to go through and delete most things manually.

The goal is to really change the way I use the internet beyond just sites like Facebook and twitter. My computer has become the central nervous system for so much of my life- communication, entertainment, education and more. Ultimately I am not so sure how comfortable I am with that scenario any longer.